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Gerbview wishlist and development


It seems like the current state of gerbview leaves a lot to be desired.
 From what I can see though, its pretty close.  Here are some of the
lacking features which cause me to resort to using gerbv (which also has
its own set of limitations and issues).

I've added these to the Wiki here:

1. Location and size information for selected geometry.
2. Layer names (based on file name by default).
3. Re-ordering of layers.
4. Easy toggling of layer visibility (select ranges of layers to toggle,
5. Interactive layer offset, rotation and flip.
6. Show drill holes as geometry (circles at the drill hole sizes).

I've started adding code for #1.  So far it shows basic location and size
information for circles, rectangles and ovals in the status bar when an
item is clicked on.

For items 2-4, it seems like the layer selection panel needs to be changed
to a list control of some sort, which allows for re-ordering, SHIFT/CTRL
multi selection, right click menu, etc.

Before I delve into it too much, I'd like to know if anyone else has been
planning/currently working on gerbview or if there is some sort of vision
for it.

I've been using Kicad for a few months now to make schematics and PCB
layouts.  Its great software and its nice to see how active the development

Best regards,

Element Green

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