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Re: Gerbview wishlist and development


On 03/10/2012 12:29 PM, Element Green wrote:
> It seems like the current state of gerbview leaves a lot to be desired.  From what I can
> see though, its pretty close.  Here are some of the lacking features which cause me to
> resort to using gerbv (which also has its own set of limitations and issues).
> I've added these to the Wiki here:
> http://wiki.xtronics.com/index.php/Kicad#Gerb_View
> Wishlist:
> 1. Location and size information for selected geometry.
> 2. Layer names (based on file name by default).
> 3. Re-ordering of layers.
> 4. Easy toggling of layer visibility (select ranges of layers to toggle, etc).
> 5. Interactive layer offset, rotation and flip.
> 6. Show drill holes as geometry (circles at the drill hole sizes).
> I've started adding code for #1.  So far it shows basic location and size information
> for circles, rectangles and ovals in the status bar when an item is clicked on.
> For items 2-4, it seems like the layer selection panel needs to be changed to a list
> control of some sort, which allows for re-ordering, SHIFT/CTRL multi selection, right
> click menu, etc.
> Before I delve into it too much, I'd like to know if anyone else has been
> planning/currently working on gerbview or if there is some sort of vision for it.
> I've been using Kicad for a few months now to make schematics and PCB layouts.  Its
> great software and its nice to see how active the development is.
> Best regards,
> Element Green

Do you go by Element or Mr. Green?

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