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Re: component/module search list library display TODO


On 03/18/2012 06:36 PM, lajos kamocsay wrote:
> Hello-
> I was going to add a feature to the component/module search dialog to
> display the library name if the element is found in multiple
> libraries. But then I noticed that there is a task for this in
> TODO.txt already.
> Is this an active task? Is anyone working on it already?

Yes, but not in the way you would expect.

We concluded that there should be a logical library name paired with the partname and that
that should be what is in the schematic.   Something like

"logicallib.partname" rather than simply "partname".

This way there is no ambiguity, other than how you define your logical library name, which
is one level of indirection.  (And you would have to be trying to screw that up.)

Out of that came my "distributed library and SWEET design", which you can read about by
building target "doxygen-docs" in the <base>/new directory, which is a standalone CMake
project for now.  After building that target in there, then I believe you can read using a
browser starting at index.html.

When that design came out, we stopped even thinking about incremental improvements to the
existing search path problem, since some of us concluded it was a design flaw, not merely
a trivial bug to fix.   And we had something pretty special to look forward to.