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Pad Properties dialog + Mechanical hole


Hi Guys,

Thanks so-much to whoever is working on the pad properties dialog, I
much prefer it already!

However, I was just creating a new module and came across a funny.
When I select Mechanical hole, I expect really to only have to select
a drill shape and size. Instead, I'm forced to satisfy a constraint
where the pad size must be greater than the drill size. This
constraint as always been present and if I remember correctly has
something to do with the DRC.

So, to satisfy this I usually set the pad size the same as the drill
size. Although not perfect (as copper is always left because the
drilling is never 100% accurate) it does the job fine and I've never
had problems. Now though, this caused a pad offset error when the
offset is zero because there is a check to make sure the drill is
smaller OR EQUAL to the pad size.

Removing the OR EQUAL part makes everything work okay again with a
mechanical hole having the same pad size as drill size. Ideally this
constraint would be removed, but I'm sure that's now easy. I've
attached a very small patch to make the change.

Thanks for all your hard work, KiCad is moving forward fast :)

Best Regards,


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