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>> I added DIALOG_SHIM class, and is in my view a better way to go since it is less code
>> since this shim sits right on top of wxDialog rather than on top of the formbuilder
>> classes, so only one shim class is needed, rather than one for each dialog.
>> Be aware that the "sublcass name" and "subclass header" properties are supported at the
>> "dialog window" level in the formbuilder *.fbp.
>> You enter
>> dialog_shim.h
>> for these two fields and they go into the XML *.fbp file, verify this.
>> Bad news is that upon loading the XML file, formbuilder does not display those properties,
>> instead shows blank, even though it is obviously still using them.
>> Can somebody please file a bug report with the wxformbuilder people, PLEASE.
>> I give a lot, I'm asking very little.
>> Thanks,
>> Dick
> I sent a bug report to wxFormbuilder about this issue.

You saved me 15 minutes.  I thank you for it.

I was hoping somebody else would offer to do it.  It makes me wonder.