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alternately sized icons


Some talk has been brewing about providing smaller icons for those running KiCad on a
I offer some tips here on how to do that most easily.

Suggestion as to easiest path:

*) switch to DLL/DSO based bitmap lib.  All programs can dynamically link to the *same*
DLL/DSO bitmap library.

*) provide alternate bitmap DLL/DSOs, each containing a different sized set of bitmaps,
give user the choice at *installation* time.

There should be no C++ code changes required, most everything can be done from within the
one file: bitmaps_png/CMakeLists.txt

Only exception is the establishment of the PATH or LD_LIBRARY_PATH to the DLL/DSO.

Although bitmaps are generated using vector graphics to any practical size, we may find
that at smaller sizes they are too busy (even though they may be crisply generated using

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