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Re: A few strategy suggestions for the project


The way I imagine this is some company - TI ferinstance - could be sold on supporting KICAD with a library of all their parts as a common denominator for supplying the libraries to any and all. (the kicad lib would be the library source for commercial packages as well - they would write in house converters ). If new designers are starting off with Kicad as hobbyists and at universities, there is a real reason for corporate sponsorship.

The idea needs to be sold. As a first step - anyone here that has connections with their local university EE department, should hype this as something students can afford. Anyone with connections inside chip companies should try to stir the pot. If no one asks, the call isn't likely to be answered.

Articles in trade magazines, high quality video tutorials, speakers at conventions and conferences can all make a difference over time.

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