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Re: A few strategy suggestions for the project


I'm new here, but I've been following for quite a while.  I think that what
Dick said is a good idea on the whole.

A few suggestions for fundraising would be:

1) Kick-start:  I don't know what the incentives for donating to the
project would be... perhaps a greater say in what gets developed next?

2) Google summer of code:  Basically get money from google to pay a college
intern to write software.  They would need a mentor though and I'm not sure
that there is anyone with enough time to devote to that
    I know that the gimp project has used this successfully in the past...

3)  Have a donate button somewhere on the website.  I'm not sure where the
money would go or if there is some sort of account set up for the Kicad

4) I know Fabrizio Tappero mentioned this a few days back, but I really
think that the Kicad website should be centralized.  For me at least, it is
very frustrating trying to find something when there are multiple places to
    It seems as though some information is in one place and the rest in
another.  I think that if everything was centralized it would make fore a
more professional looking website, and in turn make the kicad project as a
whole look
    more professional.
       here is a link to Fabrizios original post:

5) Finally, I think that for Kicad to really take off it needs to be
advertised like crazy.  Competing products like eagle are constantly
mentioned on sites like hackaday and sparkfun.  We should try to
    get kicad projects mentioned on tech sites like these.  It might not
get the attention of huge corporations, but it would definitely get more
potential users to try kicad.

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