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Re: On wxGTK and --with-gnomeprint


1. There is no extended gnome dependency for libgnomeprintui. The gnome
    haters shan't worry.
2. Even built with gnomeprint support wx doesn't need the libgnomeprint to be
    installed. It is dlopened.
3. You may feel free to comment out lines 43-51 in common.h. In this case you
    will fall back to PS generic printing which in fact is a stub for the printing
    support in wx.


>I was going to compile KiCAD as per today sources. Unfortunately, the
>compilation now fails with:
>You must use '--with-gnomeprint' or '--with-gtkprint' in your wx
>library configuration.
>I'm using Archlinux with default package for wxGTK which doesn't have
>that config switch enabled.
>I'm worried because I think that enabling that switch would make the
>whole gnome a dependency for wxGTK, so I guess that it wouldn't ever
>make enabled on non Gnome based distributions requiring ad-hoc wxGTK
>compilation just for KiCAD.
>Is this actually the case or am I missing something?

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