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Re: Fatfingering with bzr...



When you push your changes to the server, it just appends your new
revisions to what the server already has. It does not delete any old
revisions. When you had a divergence issue, it was simply because the
server had a newer revision than the revision you started your changes
on. That's why you had to merge, but you didn't delete anything, just
added a new revision.

bzr merge -r 322..323 does not get you back to revision 323, it simply
applies what changed from 322 to 323 to your current version.

If you want to revert back to 323 on the server, you would do this:

bzr revert -r 323
bzr commit
bzr push

This will create revision 325 (assuming we are still at 324). 325 will
be the same as 323 was. Then push 325 back to the server.

But even so, 324 will not be deleted. It will stay in the history, and
you can go back to it with bzr revert -r 324.

Again, all new revisions are just appended. It's really hard to mess
anything up unrecoverably (is that an actual word?), unless you rebase

If you need help, let me know.

When multiple users push to the same repo, this stuff happens. With
lots of players, it's a good idea to designate one person doing all
the merging and pushing.


On Fri, Apr 6, 2012 at 6:52 PM, Dick Hollenbeck <dick@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 04/06/2012 02:19 PM, Solonen Vesa wrote:
>> Cleaning the mess is in the works, but there are quite amusing things on the status log... It seems some of the revision info got lost and I don't know how to get it back.
>> bzr merge -r 323..322 seems to do what it says, but I'm a bit reluctant to use it on the repo as it will delete stuff I didn't add. So I'm asking opinions whether I should just leave the mess behind and wait it to dry and stop stinking or revert r323 or do something else.
>> -Vesa
> I've never actually spoken to a librarian before.  Well I tried.  You are the first one
> that speaks back, all the others only wanted to whisper.
> I'm happy to defer to opinions of others on this.  I say the following without knowing
> what happened, nor the current state of affairs, but, if it comes down to an emergency:
> a) perhaps somebody has a better roll back point on their system.
> b) the history is not as important as the most recent version, which needs to be what you
> want it to be.
> Dick
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