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Re: KICAD_PLUGIN for libraries/components (pcbnew)


>>     c)  There is the case of opening/saving single componente files (.cmp?), that would
>> be almost the same plugin.
> I don't want to support that, unless it can be done with the plugin with special status,
> which is the "KICAD" plugin, and I think this is simply
> SaveModule() on the KICAD plugin.  It comes out in s-expression format, ALWAYS.  And
> because the "library" argument is actually only a directory for that plugin, you have your
> CMP file, but it is always s-expresion.

KICAD plugin is special in a number ways.  It will never be external, always internal.
It is the native format.  It is our future clipboard format.

Many more ways will reveal themselves in the next couple of weeks.  :)

So we can trick out this PLUGIN to write the "CMP" file to the clipboard if the library
name is NULL.

Then a person could use a text editor and paste that footprint into a text editor and look
at it.

Or we could paste it into another copy of PCBNEW in the future.

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