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improving how Kicad is presented to people


in a fresh ubuntu installation, people (I think) get their software
mainly via Synaptic or via the pretty cool and equivalent Ubuntu
software Center.

If a guy wants to get kicad in this way, he would end up with the
version 0.0.20110616-1 and will be soon redirected here:

Now, it is my opinion that the health of kicad could be improved a
little by working on a better image to the public which would attract
more users and more developers.

I think it would be worth doing something about it and I therefore
would like to:

1 offer a better css file that could improve the look  of  the
mentioned website.
2 offer a better icon and screen-shot  for the Ubuntu software Center
3 understand if it is possible to get a newer kicad version on the
Ubuntu software Center

Can please anybody comment on these actions. Especially the number 3.


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