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Re: You wanted multipage PDFs...


Le 02/05/2012 22:01, Lorenzo Marcantonio a écrit :
... you got multipage PDFs!

Even with different page sizes, as you can see. Some components don't match
because my libraries are different, but that's not the issue... At least the
feedback opamp for the AB-class amplifiers (at least they *seems* AB-class) is
correctly filled (that's another test, I doesn't use filled primitives)

Also the clever loop in the eeschema plotter generates page in the right order
it seem (is it always so?). The PDF was simply generated opening
complex_hierarchy.sch and clicking plot pdf/plot all (the dialog is a straight
clone of the PS one, I couldn't even start doing GUI work in wxWidgets!).
That's efficiency for me. No distilling, no cat, no page reordering (pdftk
could help after the fact).

Impressive work, Lorenzo.

What's missing:
- Since there is interest in using the native PS text as final output I need to
   implement overlining (the ~ escape); but I really don't like it:P

- For the same reason I need to refactor the native plotting (some thing are
   common between PS and PDF, like the aligment and the overlining, other are
   completely different...)

- Testing pcbnew and see what will come out

- General cleanup and patch preparation (the boring things...)

Well, this is the better think, for us...
I'll commit your patch when I receive it.

- Since as I said I really suck in GUI programming someone else should add the
   options for accessing the new features (like: text as curves but searchable
   or native text only or whatever you'll decide to do). So start thinking about
   which kind of option to present to the user.
I can do it.
Just say me what you want.

- Do you need the pixmap output? I don't even know where you can add a bitmap
   in kicad, so you should tell me how to test it...

Yes, in Eeschema you can add pixmaps.
(See right toolbar in Eeschema, the second icon from the bottom.)
This is a useful feature to add a logo, but also an info like a diagram, a screen hard-copy...
This feature does not exists in Pcbnew.
(because this is useless: you cannot have pixmaps in Gerber format, and cannot print them on a board)

- Other stuff? Did I miss something in the plot wishlist ? (actually it also
   contains the DXF TEXT entity handling...)

Thanks, Lorenzo.
I (and all other developers) really appreciate all your hard work.

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS