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Re: You missed a file in the zlib CMake script...


>> In fact, this is the zlib tree coming from wxWidgets, so include zlib in Kicad should not be necessary.
>> However, zlib library is easy to find, but zlib headers are not in wxWidgets standard include path,
>> and unless I missed something we cannot easily use them because they are only in wxWidgets/src/zlib path.
>> But if common_plotPDF_functions.cpp can use wxZipOutputStream, it fixes this problem.
> A combo of
> http://docs.wxwidgets.org/2.9.4/classwx_memory_output_stream.html
> wxMemoryOutputStream
> and
> wxZlibOutputStream
> http://docs.wxwidgets.org/2.9.4/classwx_zlib_output_stream.html
> should do the trick.
> Although I did not verify availability in 2.8
> Dick

I had some free time, and experience with zlib, so I did what I suggested.  Then removed
zlib again.

Lorenzo, that PDF support is nice man.  I just did my 17 page schematic and it is
beautiful and easy.

Well done.