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Re: Hating wx configuration more than ever...


On Tue, May 08, 2012 at 08:21:50AM -0500, Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
> Besides, it gives the computer something to do when it doesn't have anything else to do,
> which is most of the time.

You didn't work with mainframes or embedded system it seems XD

> Also, remember that you gain in most circumstances since you probably started with
> serialized bytes.  Storage (.e.g. disk or network) is mostly a matter of working with
> bytes.  So this gain tends to balance out the cost you mention with respect to indexing. 
> We are probably burning more cycles converting to 16 or 32 bit characters in KiCad than
> the cost of indexing for insertion would cost.

I specified 'if you aren't only copying them from here to there'. In
UTF8 moving forward or backward is O(n) complexity instead of O(1)
because character length is variabile. More like a list than an array.

> a) there is no longer a reason for wxWidgets project to have their own string class.  It
> leads to lack of portability, creates an attachment to wx, and makes folks learn another
> way of doing something for which there is now a standard in C++.

Absolutely concord.

> b) Microsoft is not a good foundation on which to base any software investment, since they

Look at MFC then ATL now .NET :P:P

> > I see 6GB ram *laptops* around. 
> Go buy some, quit whining about opengl.   :)

We buy laptops second hand because with the ruggeds a 'new' is about
4000 eur :D So now I'm using an original core duo :P:P And Intel GPU is
less than stellar with opengl

> No, that "convenience" is established by the API.   My convenience is not the computer's
> convenience.

Talking in terms of iterator it's more or like the difference between
a forward iterator and a random iterator. Said that, people is still
doing sorts on mag tape (not really, an equivalent spool), so it's more
the algorithms that matter.

Lorenzo Marcantonio
Logos Srl

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