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Graphics Limits … Windows & CAIRO


I'm here advocaciong again wxGraphicsContext.
I'm feeling that also with nanometers we are going to fit tight with the simple wxDC.
I'm proposing to fade using wxGCDC and use Paths that handles coordinates with wxDouble.

To test the state of the art i suggest to test it on Windows doing those hacks:

Compile wxwidgets statically enabling wxUSE_CAIRO (switches on CAIRO instead GDI/GDI+ that was result to be slugghish/slow).
Change the Kicad code to use wxGCDC (is enough change a bit kicad_device_context.h)

This should show us how Kicad + wx + cairo performs on Windows and show if we can pass for this way to enhance kicad.

If someone has enough time, compiling CAIRO should also possible test how performs its OpenGL backend on windows.

I wish do it, but i haven't a windows platform under my hands, so there is any volunteer ?

Marco Serantoni

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