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Re: Hating wx configuration more than ever...


On 05/07/2012 01:25 PM, Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
full optionals seems to your phrase, I don't see it in the config.log or

$ ./configure --help | less

output.  Please provide contents of your config.log so I can try and duplicate it here and
see what command line options you are truly passing to wx configure.

Here is mine on 64 bit Ubuntu lucid using a 1 month old SVN head:

../configure --with-gtk --prefix=/opt/wx2.9 --enable-debug_gdb --enable-debug

Works fine with gcc 4.4.3.

But I cannot tell you what a wxChar* means THIS MONTH.

The best thing the wxWidgets folks could do is to start with this line:

typedef std::string wxString

and then go fix all the compile errors after that.

wxString has served too masters and its biggest mistake was coming into existence.


I may be joining this hate group. I have the same
wx Config Dick mentioned above...what does wxTrace do?
A log trace somewhere might come in handy...I've
succeded in generating a .sch that blows up EEschema
reader without a hint of which file or line# it choked on.
The trace back though libs and even gdb bt doesn't
give much of a hint where it ran off the rails....
generally a text, wxString line in my *cache.lib most
likely...I don't even get a stickup of reading....but
I'm will to try and debug the blowup!

How do I turn on debug?

Frank Bennett
owner, contractor
Mathegraphics, LLC. <http://mathegraphics.com/>

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