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Re: [PATCH] Reworking patchlets, first issue


2012/5/11 Lorenzo Marcantonio <l.marcantonio@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

> I did banking code in COBOL for the 2K issue... there not much worse
> than realigning structs by column number in a sort control card XD (I
> personally 'killed' 120000 customers during preproduction deployment
> since they didn't match and were marked inactive:P)

Ohohoho 'XDDD poor clients :-D

> Anyway I'm used to code reviews, they asks for them a lot (for safety
> software which has to be compliant and so on). At least they didn't ask
> (YET) for formal proof of correctness :P
Hehehe, I run automated tests on my client's software, every time I upload
changes to the svn, it's downloaded, built, and some automated
unit tests are done.


It's a nice system, but requires good tests :-), I suppose that UI tests
can be done too, but have never tried it.

May be launchpad has something to do automated tests on build?

> The advantage in doing these small patches is that's relatively easy
> (like bzr bisect IIRC) to pinpoint where shit happened...

Oh, didn't know that bzr had bisect too :-) nice! :)

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