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Re: Graphics Limits … Windows & CAIRO


On 10/mag/2012, at 10:46, Torsten Hüter wrote:

I'm still stuck but i can wait, which is the deadline for the shipment of the GAL in the trunk ? 
I'm proposing this approach because is a viable way to start to redesign the drawing code before GAL is ready.

I recall well that we have done performance tests were Windows was the showstopper platform but:
- Not with CAIRO on windows, since http://trac.wxwidgets.org/ticket/14194 was closed 4-5 weeks ago and tests were conducted on GDI (only matrox supports this in HW).
- We were using wxDC style, drawing immediate is more an handicap than a performance gaining approach with HW acceleration.

I'm almost scared to fight with a new Custom Graphics Abstration Layer. 
I'vent much time to dedicate and i'm afraid that debugging and correct implementation on the platform will require months of frustrating work to make it just work, this situation summed with the frustrating work i were required to do for making it work until now (wxOverlay addition) and added those months of Freeze the situation begins to approach the limits of the allowable for a Gratis/Free work (as Dick reminds us frequently).


> Hi Marco,
> I hope you have the patience to wait for the integration of the GAL. I've done these performance tests before I've started to write the code and I've narrowed my selection to a direct, simple OpenGL backend for speed and a cairo variant. With the interface that I've created you can write your own plugin for another backend, but I'd prefer to concentrate on these two first.
> Dick has already started to integrate the VECTOR2D class, which is our independent implementation of a point/vector.
> I'm doing at the moment some code cleaning and go through all examples and then I'll upload an updated version.
> I need some help for testing it on OSX, perhaps if you have some time left?
> Thanks,
> Torsten

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