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Preview of the footprint wizard / scripting branch


Finally, I kept following the "kicad-inside" script way, as it was almost
done when we started talking about it,
and seemed to be the  most reasonable way at the moment.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFZiD6L_bzw  (please note: I don't go that
fast, for some reason it's 2x, and music could be not everybody's taste
 ;-) )

* The wizard .py script that I show it's ~110 lines
* The UI is done with a couple of C++ dialogs (one almost the same to the
pcb library browser).
* The units are the internal units at this moment
* The internal design it's done in a way that also C++ Wizards could be
written (and they'd come embedded in kicad):

* I must clean it up to handle:
     * Errors and special situations (scripting errors, wrong units, bad
     * Show errors to user in a proper way (highlight wrong parameters, set
mouse hint over parameter with the error string, etc...)
     * Proper unit conversion (mm, inches, etc...)
     * Saving the footprint to the library we're editing

* And write some more examples, so people will have an start point to write

It comes at the cost of linking pcbnew to the Python .so/.dll , but python
is everywhere, and the result looks powerful :-)



Miguel Angel Ajo Pelayo
+34 636 52 25 69
skype: ajoajoajo