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Patch: make listbox with info-message scalable


Small patch.

The EDA_LIST_DIALOG is a list + info text. They are arranged in a
column and are scalable horizontally, but not vertically.
(Sample: "Select Component" box: in schema editor, press A, enter
'atmega' in name, press enter: you get to the "Select Component"
dialog. When scaled, the OK/Cancel button stick to the widgets with a
fixed height).

With this patch, the listbox + infoxbox scale with a ratio of 2:1.

Attached patch.
Since this is my first patch: what is the best practice to it to the
committers ? Just as an attached patch like this, or should I create a
private branch on launchpad to be merged ?
(I presume, the latter makes sense for bigger patches while the former
is ok for patches like this).


Attachment: patch-make-listbox-with-message-scalable.gz
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