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Re: Patch: Don't force modal dialog on creating a new file


Le 14/05/2012 02:04, Henner Zeller a écrit :
Small patch.

When creating a new schematic or start a new board from your
schematic, a new file is created. But in that case an
attention-grabbing modal dialog pops ups telling the user that 'The
file is not found'. The first reaction of the user is that something
went wrong - but everything works as expected.

It seems, someone 'fixed' this problem by adding a message to these
dialog boxes that this is normal and expected if this is the first
time happening.
But this fixes the symptom, not the cause (scary attention grabbing
modal dialog box).

There is really no reason for such a modal dialog, and they should be
used sparingly.
In any other application, if a new file is opened, a message in the
status line is telling about this. If at all.

This patch fixes this: what used to be a modal dialog box is now just
a status message "New file %s".


I am not enthusiastic about this patch.
The dialog about a not found file is usual, and most of application do that.
Assuming "try to opening a not existing file" should be "create a new file" is wrong.
There are lot of reasons when a file is missing and should exist:
For instance a file can be missing because it was forgotten when copying a lot of files,
or erroneous renaming file command, ...
and the user *should be* prompted.

The issue for new projects (and only for new projects) is in fact in Kicad,
that perhaps could create void .sch and .pcb files after creating the .pro file.

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

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