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Re: script-aligning-blocks :)


On Fri, May 18, 2012 at 10:04:00AM +0200, Miguel Angel Ajo Pelayo wrote:
> What do you mean for IPS? :)

Intelligent Power Switches (Toshiba calls them IntelliFET). A power
MosFET with drivers, protection and diagnostics. You put 5V/1mA on the
gate and it drives the load. If it overheats/shorts/load
missing/whatever goes bad it doesn't suffer a thing and pulls down
a diagnostic pin (in particular they're guaranteed to survive a short to
both power rails). Available in both source and sink version. Only
drawback they're somewhat slow (no hard PWM) and costs a little more...
the device I'm using is the IPS6021.

> current I need.  I've made 70um ~0.254mm clearance before, why did you need
> 0.8mm ? It's huge!! :)

My fault! its 8mil, 0.2 mm :D:D

> About your drawings, may be we could put some section at the kicad site,
> with
> production drawings, to have showcase to users, and let other companies know
> that kicad is used also in professional environment

If you want some I could give you even some 'non-compromising'
schematic. The style is somewhat different since I'm using the ISO font
and a custom library (but is an example of library customization:P)

Lorenzo Marcantonio
Logos Srl