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Re: About today bzr update


> I highly doubt you'll like Unity and GNOME 3 only tolerable with the
> optional extensions installed.  The new desktop designs sure look pretty
> but why the designers think that cascading menus are such a bad idea is
> beyond me.  I fail to see how clicking through multiple pages of icons to
> open a program is superior to a cascading menu but maybe I'm just getting
> intolerant in my old age :)
> Wayne
It seems that the idea is click the "function" key, and then just type the
name of the program. I find it quite fast when you get used.

But in the other hand, on my laptop, the desktop goes 50% slower..., it's
nice because you'll save a lot of screen space with the mac-style menus,
I switched back to XFCE4 after some months of unity...


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