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Re: About today bzr update


On Thu, May 17, 2012 at 11:21 PM, Wayne Stambaugh
<stambaughw@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I highly doubt you'll like Unity and GNOME 3 only tolerable with the
> optional extensions installed.

I tried to like GNOME 3.  I really tried.  Used it for six weeks.
Hated every minute of it.  Everything just got harder for no reason.
I understand why Linus Torvalds and so many people hate it:


I switched to non-accelerated, which activates GNOME 2-like mode.  It
became bearable.  It stopped getting in my way.

Yesterday I discovered Cinnamon, which is a fork of GNOME 3 (so it's
got GNOME 3's good stuff underneath) but has all the comfort features
I'm used to.  The task bar is back!  The desktop is back!  The Start
menu is back!  Alt-Tab does sane things! Workspaces don't disappear
just because there's nothing open in them!

Does anyone remember egcs?


egcs breathed new life into a gcc that had lost the plot.  I could
only hope that Cinnamon does the same for GNOME 3.

(and now back to KiCad)