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Re: specctra_export patch to allow nesteted pcb edges


On 06/12/2012 02:05 PM, Dr. Thomas Spindler wrote:
> Hi,
> recently I had to do a few boards that required some weird cutouts (similar to 
> the test example in the png).
> To allow freerouting to deal with nested board outlines I modified 
> specctra_export.cpp to emit signal layer keepouts for every inner edge area.
> The attached diff file contains the changes made to specctra_export.diff.
> It would be helpful if anyone can comment on that modification (maybe I 
> tweaked too much).
> Thanks,
> Thomas

Hi Thomas,

Usually if it looks like the contributor has not read the coding standards document, then
at least for me, I get pretty numb to the actual content of the patch.

Cannot even see the patch clearly, and find myself feeling extremely resentful that
somebody is wasting my time.  This is just a fact, consider me class A asshole if you want.

But that makes no difference to me, it remains a fact.

I would be willing to volunteer some time to review your patch when it meets the coding

Please regenerate it next time using

  $bzr diff > <patchname>.patch

from the top of the source tree.

If there is a next time, I will then be able to read it free of emotion, and actually be
able to read it without wondering why the contributor has not bothered to be respectful of
the procedures and policies put into place by pre-existing volunteers.

The concept of the patch looks promising, so I think the idea of it has merit, but am
making no statements on the implementation methodology at this time because I cannot read
it without my eyes glazing over.

The reason I am prepared to volunteer some time reviewing this, is that I use the
freerouter all the time, and do want to see the functionality both preserved and enhanced
if it can be done without breaking something.

Best regards,