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OK, *there are* issue with nano-pcbnew cleanup


Or, most probably, with rounding in the save/load code; didn't track it

I have this board I'm doing (15 nets left). Doing cleanup junks 8 links
(bad pcbnew!). Doing 'connect to track' then cleanup works fine.

After a save/reload the problem reappears!

My theory: there is some mismatch in the save/load code when converting
from nanometer to millimeters (didn't look on how it is done).
A / 1000000000 operation is not exact in binary so maybe it rounds in
the wrong way? The 2nm offset I found in the track laying maybe
exacerbates the problem.

Morale: take care when using nano-pcbnew :D keep an eye on the missing
links counter...

PS: please do not redistribute the board, at least for the moment
1) it's proprietary and
2) it isn't finished yet anyway!

Lorenzo Marcantonio
Logos Srl

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