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Re: Simplified vias patch proposal


On 6/25/2012 6:32 PM, Samuel Lesueur wrote:
Hello kicad developers :)

First of all, thanks everyone for this great software !

I had quite a hard time moving from protel (mainly getting used to the
keyboard shortcuts and the menus organization), it is difficult to
forget the software you used to learn routing :)

Anyway, I am currently designing an open source 300W DC motor controller
and I need a huge amount of vias to handle the current flow from the top layer
where my MOSFET transistors are installed to the bottom and its huge GND zone.

I didn't find an easy way to manually place vias without drawing tracks
going from one layer to the other every 10 milimeters. I tried but it
was way too slow (and boring !) and gave impredictable results (the vias
were not always snapped on the grid the way I wanted to).

As I have a lot of zones (insted of tracks) on my design, I had to find
a way to place vias all around my zones and in some specific locations
such as around my transistors pads.

So, with a friend (xavierg, in cc) we patched the last version of the
testing branch to add a friendly "place-via" button.

It is quite a trivial patch as it calls the functions from
hotkeys_board_editor.cpp just as if I was doing the job by hand.

I would like to have some feedbacks on this patch, to know if we did it
right or if we missed something important.

I am also thinking of adding a feature directly in the zones creation
dialogue to automatically add vias in the zone following specific
patterns (grid, lines, tied to the zone borders etc).

What do you guys think ? Please let us know.

Cheers !

Samuel Lesueur

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A few minor comments on your patch. As Lorenzo already mentioned, add a new line before comment lines to group the comment with the code that it is associated with. Also use a new line between the break and next case statement to define the end of the last case statement and the beginning of the next one.


+    case ID_TRACKVIA_BUTT: {

should look like:

+    {

I don't know if you are aware but KiCad has a coding policy which can be found in the source at ./Documentation/coding_style_policy.pdf.



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