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FW: Next Grid hot key ` and the nightmare it can release


I wanted to clarify that the drill size was .015" and not 0.15" 


From: Carl Rash [mailto:crash@xxxxxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: Monday, July 02, 2012 8:39 PM
To: 'kicad-developers@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'
Subject: Next Grid hot key ` and the nightmare it can release


I was trying the new internal dimensions out for a build on a rather large
PCB (60 square inches). I am going along at an intensive clip because I need
to get this thing done. 

I'm done, DRC passes with no problem, sweet I say to myself. Then I get my
first DRC result from the PCB house, hundreds of via holes with violating
annular ring dimensions.

My vias were set for .025" and a drill of 0.15. The PCB house requires a
.005" annular ring and some of mine were .0042 - .0043.

I started a new iteration and suddenly I find that I am no longer on the 5
mil grid but I am working on a 2.5 mil grid. This is not a problem in itself
but I discover that the drill file does not resolve to this accuracy and
truncates some valuable information. All of the violating vias were off the
5mil grid.

I do not think that there should be a hot key for something that can totally
trash your layout, and if it does the drill file generating code should
adapt to the smaller dimensions.


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