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I think I'll join it, I'm posting here because I think it's somehow
related, anyway it's for VLSI not for PCBs.


   - *
   Am I going to learn how to use any industrial design tools in this class?

   Nope. This is not a course about “using” other people’s tools. So, it’s
   not a standard “VLSI Design” sort of a class. This is a course about
   building software design tools.
   - *What resources will I need for this class?*

   You need access to a Windows, Mac, or Linux computer to be able to
   write, compile and run programs. You should be able to program in one of
   Java or C++. For some programming assignments, you can use any language you
   like, as long as you can read our input files and write our output file

Greetings! :)


Miguel Angel Ajo Pelayo
+34 636 52 25 69
skype: ajoajoajo