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Re: More on scripting and wx, thanks Edwin!


On 1 August 2012 12:31, Miguel Angel Ajo Pelayo <miguelangel@xxxxxxx> wrote:

>     I'd like to say thanks to Edwin van den Oetelaar, he sent us a patch
> yesterday night after experimenting all day long, he managed to make
> wxPython work inside of our python bindings, this way we can make the wx
> interfaces interact from and to Python scripts.
>    It seems that it was already implemented in wxPython, but quite
> undocumented (just a little example somewhere).
> Some screenshots:
> 1) This window is 1/2 C++ , 1/2 Python, the python part shows a pycrust
> console, with auto completion,
>     etc..., I think we could add a pycrust console at the bottom of
> pcbnew, hidden by default.
> 2) Accessing objects
> Basic talking to wx (something that crashed previously as wx and wxpython
> initialization must be shared, and "wx" library needed to be accessed by
> instrospection to our own -pcbnew loaded- library)
> Awesome!, Thanks Edwin! :)
> --
> Miguel Angel Ajo Pelayo
> http://www.nbee.es
> +34 636 52 25 69
> skype: ajoajoajo

This is an amazing move forward - integrated python with wx is a brilliant
effort. Thanks to both of you for getting this up and running - it'll prove
amazingly useful when it's implemented.


Best Regards, Brian.

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