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Footprint wizards


Since you're doing a footprint wizard, if you want I did in the past an 'executive brief' on the IPC standard and on the library format used by the 'official' LP Calculator (Matrix PCB at the time, the Valor, now Mentor). In short, I have the formulas :P

You can find it at http://www.logossrl.com/ipc7351a-impl/ipc7351a-impl.pdf (change the extension to .tex for the source...)

IIRC the part on THT is incomplete (because it's another IPC standard stuck at draft). Also I have the A release of the standard while the calculator uses the B one: differences seems to be minimal, the biggest one is for aluminum electrolytic caps which are differentiated by height. All the basic math is in there anyhow (and you can find the pre-mentor free release on the net).

If you want to use it, it's there. Also feel free to ask if there's something unclear, I have the paper standard (which is pay-to-have, sadly).

Lorenzo Marcantonio
Logos Srl

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