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Footprint Wizard Farnell/Eagle.scr/Ultra librarian, and scripting, how to integrate


Hello everyone,

Short summary.
I have been working with Miguel behind the scenes trying to get scripting
fully integrated.
One of the first thing we can do with scripting is generating foot-prints.
Miguel already has an example working. (parametric footprint)
Since the Farnell/Element14 website recently is making footprints available
as eagle.scr files I would like
to integrate that into the wizard.
Some things are easy: getting a file from their website, like
Parsing this will not be hard, just some work.

** I do have a problem: how to get from an order code : 1885120 on farnell
to the number 1550314. **

Once we have the zip file, the order code is easily found, since it is in
the zip file:

Attribute OC_NEWARK '41T0725';
Attribute OC_FARNELL '1885120';

Any thoughts or experience you want to share?

Edwin van den Oetelaar

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