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Re: Question about PCB_PARSER


On 8/6/2012 5:43 AM, Lorenzo Marcantonio wrote:
I'm looking how to use the dsnlexer; in kicad_plugin.cpp,
PCB_IO::Load a PCB_PARSER is instantiated using a FILE_LINE_READER
created on the heap.

However the PCB_PARSER constructor uses a constructor which,
according to the comments, doesn't take possession of the

Wouldn't this cause a leak of FILE_LINE_READERs every time a file is
opened or I'm missing something?ZZ

Good catch. The base DSNLEXER constructor that I called does not take ownership of the LINEREADER. The other two DSNLEXER constructors take ownership of the LINEREADER by default. I must have misread it when I looked at. I will fix it as soon as I get a chance.


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