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Re: Fwd: RE: Proposal for batch plotting


On 08/07/2012 09:44 AM, Frank bennett wrote:
> On 08/07/2012 06:32 AM, Dick Hollenbeck wrote:
>> This came by personal mail in response to the questions I had in concern for supporting
>> Orcad imports optimally:
>> Hey Dick, at least I got paid for it
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: Dick Hollenbeck [mailto:dick@xxxxxxxxxxx]
>> Sent: Monday, August 06, 2012 5:09 PM
>> To: Carl Rash; KiCad Developers
>> Subject: Re: [Kicad-developers] Proposal for batch plotting
>> On 08/06/2012 03:40 PM, Carl Rash wrote:
>>> I wrote an Orcad EDIF export to Kicad conversion,
> I havn't looked at Carl's conversion yet.
> Most parts or dev board vendors provide a DSN Orcad schematic
> output which is binary in order to keep you captive to their tool.
> I can usually read the DSN file and export EDIF2.0 from an
> old version 7.20 using cap2edi.exe provided by Orcad and I'm
> not sure newer releases even support this.
> EDIF, an old standard, syntax is well documented. The latest
> version 0.99 of edif2kicad is available either in kicad/contrib/imports
> or at sourceforge. I have improved the conversion quality but
> it still needs some work (see change_log.txt). One of Kicad's
> great features is it's ASCII file formats.
> The challenge is to get parts vendors to provide an EEschema
> schematic for their demo boards and library symbols and footprints.
> Picking OrCad, Eagle, etc over EDIF is not the best choice
> for a standard but are user requests.
> -Frank Bennett

Best case is we simply load the native Orcad format using ORCAD_PLUGIN.

The OpenOffice user interface model is fine for us too.

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