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Re: Revised batch plot control file


2012/8/8 Dick Hollenbeck <dick@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
>> Had you considered simply having a all required options exposed via the scripting API, and
>> then simply using python to drive exactly the same functionality?  What were the downsides
>> to that approach?  That is, literally a python program at the command prompt.

We still don't have the capability to hook scripts to menus, which in
fact could be quite interesting,
like having scripts to send pcbs to board houses easily.

but my plan is to have the menu/toolbar hooks:


  * KiCadPlugin
  *  /|\
  *   |
  *   |\-FilePlugin
  *   |\-FootprintWizardPlugin
  *   |\-ActionPlugin

* FootprintWizardPlugin is what we already have,
* but then ActionPlugin  (or something similar) mission is that: menu
bar, toolbar,
* FilePlugin could let us to load/save file formats (via IO_MGR) with
script files.

Then we could also add some plugins for mouse context, etc.


Miguel Angel Ajo Pelayo
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