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Re: [PATCH] Plot scripting


Le 21/08/2012 21:35, Lorenzo Marcantonio a écrit :
Here's the patch, it applies cleanly to 3677


In your patch

pcbnew/pcb_plot_parameter.cpp has a bug, line 366, that prevent reading existing .brd files.
the parameter pscolor is existing in these files, and its associated parameter should be read,
event it is not used, otherwise there is a read error.
Here is my change:

        case T_pscolor:
            // WAS NEVER USED
            NeedSYMBOL();    // read parameter, but do not use it	<< Add this line
That replaces the removed line
            aPcbPlotParams->m_PlotPSColorOpt = ParseBool();
by your patch.

Thanks for your work

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS

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