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Re: KiCad file visualiser - status update


Hi Milan,

Looks like it works nicely. Are you sharing the source? Is it all done in

I am working on a site to share Kicad libraries. It is written in Python
using Django.
I'll share it soon, when it is in a demo-able state.

For the visualization I was thinking about using the new scripting support
and use Kicad itself. I got as far as parsing the contents of the .mod
files, getting an index etc. It should be possible however, to make a
wxPython graphics context and then take advantage of the built-in functions
to draw on it and then export to an image file. Not quite sure where to
start on that one though as the functions and object I need aren't properly
wrapped with SWIG yet.

What are your future plans with the work you are doing now. Say once you
have zoomable SVGs?

All the best,


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