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Re: Fwd: Re: KiCad suggestion


08.10.2012 02:20, Craig Southeren kirjoitti:

I'm hoping to have patches against the latest Kicad code available this
week. I'd love some feedback !

I'm waiting eagerly to see it working! I was also expecting some public code somewhere or some status updates on the list to see if you have found something else to do ;)

I've implemented bitmap scaling, but the same factor applies to both X
and Y.

Do you know why Scott wants independent scaling?

One reason for independent scaling is imaging equipment limitations. For example a (lens + CCD) scanner has some depth of field and angle of view creates a scaling error for far away objects. In the case of a scanner the error is 1D as sensor is moved linearly in the other direction. That means aspect ratio of the output is not exactly the same as original.

For ease of use I suggest just specifying the image size in both coordinates, no matter the number of pixels. That gives the freedom of working with odd sized crops and any scaling is done only once. No need to even know the exact aspect ratio during image preparation as it's only needed in the use phase.

Lens correction and rotation is definitely something to do with other tools, but view size scaling is a job for viewer application.


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