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Re: gcc 4.7.x and optimization flags


On 10/15/2012 08:49 PM, Wayne Stambaugh wrote:
> Dick,
> I just committed a fix so that the only time -O1 is only used when the 
> GCC version is >= 4.7.  When you get a chance, please test it out to 
> make sure it works with GCC versions < 4.7.  Both my Linux and Windows 
> build environments are using GCC >= 4.7.  I suppose I could install an 
> older version of GCC on Linux when I get chance.
> Wayne

Thanks for doing that.  Someday we might take it even further and compile on those certain
needed files under 4.7.x that must be done with -O1, others with -O2.

This is easier than it sounds since gcc will ignore all but the right most optimization
setting on the command line.

So really, you just have to set set_source_file_properties() on a few files and pass in
the -O1 as COMPILE_FLAGS or such (don't hold me on spelling), and as long as CMake appends
that to other stuff, then -O1 will prevail on only those files.


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