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Re: [PATCH] Project Templates


>>I need a template for this StellarisLM4F120 Launchpad board:

>>  http://liftoffexpress.com/product/stellaris/

>> from which I would hope an IMU *boosterpack* would magically arise on my computer in KiCad format (using spare brain cycles):

>>  http://processors.wiki.ti.com/index.php/BoosterPacks

> Excellent, I'm glad it's got a good welcome. I think it'll be very
> beneficial for knocking up quick prototypes to interface to these
> types of boards. The Stellaris you linked to is particularly cheap.
> I'm got an STM32F4-Discovery board sat here too which could do with
> the same.
> They are all just bunches of 0.1" connectors and board profiles. So
> they are quite easy to churn out. I will do some work on getting some
> templates ready as soon as possible.

Brian,  any progress on a stellaris launchpad template?  If its not going to happen soon,
I just wanted to know so someone else can consider doing it.

What files constitute a template?  Where do they go?


> The BeagleBone is a great dev platform for a lot of projects. Unlike
> the Raspberry-Pi, it uses a processor that can actually be bought for
> reasonable money in 1000's off.
> Best Regards, Brian.

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