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PLUGIN::Footprint*() from python


Hi Miguel,

I would like to be able to instantiate to PLUGINs simultaneously in a script, one of type
LEGACY, and the second of type KICAD.

Then I would like to copy all the footprints from one plugin to the other, thereby doing a
conversion of the entire library behind the LEGACY plugin into the library behind the
KICAD plugin.

Is this kind of script fu something you could help us with?

Maybe it could take two "library paths" on the command line, old and new.

FYI, a "library path" in the context of the new KICAD format is now a directory, whereas a
"library path" in the context of the LEGACY plugin is an actual *.mod file, but I think
the API hides this abstractly.

Thanks for any help you can offer,


P.S. Wayne and I are currently collaborating on the branch which is being used to add the
"lib table" support.  So the time at which this script could be very useful is
approaching.  I envision running it one time on all the package supplied footprint
libraries, and that may be the end of its utility for the most part.

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