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Re: Winbuilder Nanometer support


On 15 October 2012 18:56, Dick Hollenbeck <dick@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Would it be beneficial if I changed KicadWinbuilder to build with the new nanometer units?
> After a period of no objections, I set CMakeList.txt to use nanometers as the default build mode.
> It is my understanding that this will affect KicadWinbuilder and Adam's PPA as well as anyone else who does not explicitly override this setting.
> FYI,
> Dick

Hi Dick,

Thanks for updating the cmake default value for USE_PCBNEW_NANOMETRES.
The behaviour of this change with KicadWinbuilder is to make all new
downloads of the script build with nanometre support, but it does not
force old builds to build with nanometre support as the cached value
for options is not overwritten by default values - which seems

The only way to force previous KicadWinbuilder scripts to build with
nanometre support is to SET(USE_PCBNEW_NANOMETRES ON), rather than
have it as OPTION(...

So we should at least start to see a trickle of people changing over
to the nanometre support when building on Windows.

Best Regards, Brian.