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Re: May nanometre resolution not be sufficient?


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On 10/22/2012 03:01 PM, László Monda wrote:
> Ah, that makes sense then.  Given that the increased resolution is 
> explicitly stated on the Eagle 6 page I'm pretty sure that they
> moved from 100 nm to about 1 pm order of magnitude-wise and from 32
> bit integers to 64 bit integers.
> If KiCad wants to stick to 32 bit integers then moving to
> picometres would result in a 4x4 mm maximum board size so it's
> perfectly understandable to choose nanometres in this case and have
> a 4x4 m maximum board size.  :)
> Hopefully in the future KiCad will also make the move to 64 bit 
> integers which will makes sense as 32 bit CPUs are rapidly getting 
> obsoleted.
> On Mon, Oct 22, 2012 at 2:06 PM, Edwin van den Oetelaar 
> <oetelaar.automatisering@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> EAGLE Easily Applicable Graphical Layout Editor Version 5.7.0 for
>> Linux Professional Edition
>> The manual page was from there. I do not have a license for
>> version 6, I recently got a pro license for 5.x and now they want
>> me to pay another 1000+ euro to upgrade to 6.x which I did not
>> do. For this reason also I am checking out and patching stuff on
>> KiCAD. My guess is that with some community effort it can be
>> better and more open (flexible, scriptable) than the closed
>> source alternatives.

Eagle 6 (Version 6.3.0 for Linux) has indeed increased its resolution:

"EAGLE stores all coordinate and size values as int values with a
resolution of 1/320000mm (0.003125µ). The above unit conversion
functions can be used to convert these internal units to the desired
measurement units, and vice versa." (from the very same manual page as

That's 100/32=3.125nm. The /32 helps if you have binary fractions
(1/32 mil = 254 [e]agle [u]nits = 793.75 nm) but not if you have
decimal fractions (0.1 mil = 2540 nm = 812.8 eu)

FWIW, I like the kicad approach better - no "strange" scaling factors.
It kind of limits using binary fractions of metric units and the
maximum board length and width are 3.125 times smaller, but neither
concern me...

JFYI, Heiko
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