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Python bindings for 3D parametric model tools


Hi Folks,

 I've put in some rudimentary Python bindings for the existing VRML parametric modeling tools if any Python programmers feel like trying it out.  The source (C++) needs to be built of course; requirements are only Boost Python, Python, CMake, and the GNU compiler. Source is available via git from SourceForge:

git clone git://git.code.sf.net/p/kicad3dmodels/code

To build just the Python library (which is what I'd recommend since that code should be 100% portable), configure with 'cmake' and invoke 'make kc3d'.  Before configuring with CMake, some parameters in src/py/CMakeLists.txt will need to be tweaked for the target system. The src/py directory also has a "testpin.py" which should generate a bent elliptical pin with a taper at both ends.   There isn't much documentation other than what Doxygen can produce from the header files, so tinkering with these tools is only recommended for experienced programmers. Any comments are welcome, especially with regards to documentation/tutorials which people might find useful.

- Cirilo

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