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[PATCH] Fix drag when single item is selected


Because dragging is implemented as a simulated 1x1 block selection, there's
no way to pick out and drag a single item when multiple items overlap.

Currently the drag hotkey handler checks to see how many items are under
the mouse, let's the user select one via a popup menu if there are more
than one, and then throws that info away because it sets up a 1x1 block
selection. The block selection finds all all items under the cursor, and
you end up dragging them all instead of the item you wanted.

This patch fixes that in the block selection code by checking if this is
currently a simulated drag (block command == drag and current item != null)
and returning the currently selected item, rather than testing everything
under the cursor and returning multiple items. This seemed like the most
straight-forward way to fix the issue and still keep dragging as a
simulated block selection.

Attachment: fix-drag-single-item.patch
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