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VRML models and Python


I have uploaded a source tarball to SourceForge (http://sourceforge.net/projects/kicad3dmodels/files/source_v0.4/?) and preliminary PDF documents regarding 3D VRML models for KiCAD.  The PDF document "kc3d.pdf" currently has brief notes on building and installing the Python modules and an example of using a parametric model to create square-pitch vertical headers to demonstrate what can be done with these models. I will upload some screenshots to the users group to show a number of 3D models generated from a single parametric model.

Further work will include more documentation, some images in the documentation, more tutorials, and Python bindings for existing models such as the tubular thru-hole resistor.

At the moment the software has only been built and tested on Linux with CMake, Boost Python, and of course Python.

- Cirilo