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Prefered format for lib generation ?



  I may start to write a tool to help creating library component faster for the standard packages.

  What would be the prefered output format ? Is it the one documented on launchpad ( http://www.kicad-pcb.org/display/KICAD/File+Formats ) or is it the s-expression based one discussed on the list ? Is there a documentation for the s-ex ( :-° ), or should I look directly into the code ?

  Also, I try to find the proper vocabulary of kicad concepts, but I am not sure I could understand all. My current model is like this :

-I have functions (for a pic, that would be RA0, RA1, Vss, Vusb, ...)
-For each pin of a package of a part, I have possible assignements of functions  (I can have several assignments because I can switch from multiplexed pins, and I need assignments because some pins can be reassigned and I don't want all the possible functions to be shown in my diagram when I use only one)
-I may have conflicts, eg when I replace a package by another one, two functions that were on different pins now can be on the same pin. This also can occur if I replace an mCU by an almost-compatible mCU (if a net named "button1" net is connected to RA0 on a pic18F4550, if I replace the pic18f4550 by a pic18f2550 which has less pin, there is no problem, but other pins disappear)

So, can you please me help me find out what is kicad vocabulary (or replacement concept) for Function, Pin, Part, Package, Assignement and Conflict ?

Thanks you,

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