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Re: -std=c++0x break build on MinGW and wxWidgets 2.9.4


Le 15/11/2012 17:57, Alex G. a écrit :
Not to be the harbinger of evil, but isn't that supposed to be
"-std=c++11" ?

"-std=c++0x" was some half brainfarted, transitional flag, that never
really worked well. Once the C++ 2011 standard was officially released,
we got the newer "-std=c++11".
Not sure if there should be any difference, but my 2 cents tell me to
use '-std=c++11".


I tested it under MinGW.

-std=c++11 is not recognized by gcc 4.6
and create the same issues as -std=c++0x with gcc 4.7

Jean-Pierre CHARRAS