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Re: Revision 3817 - netlist read and setvbuf


On 12/06/2012 12:44 PM, Marco Serantoni wrote:
> Sure Dick,
> Seems that fseek returns 0L, as that is where the internal buffer points.
> The setvbuff destroys the internal buffer and when is used the read call, file operations begins where the buffer manager has leaved the real file descriptor (6k ahead).
> Being the read already buffered, #ifdef it out has almost no impact on performance.
> Hoping this makes now more sense,

Yes more, but the picture is still not crystal clear. 

Does setvbuf() work under any circumstances on your OS?  If it simply never works, then

    be sure and make it conditional in *both* FILE_LINE_READER constructors.

    consider filing a bug report with your OS (glibc) maintainers.


The newer FILE_LINE_READER::FILE_LINE_READER( const wxString& ) will be getting more and
more use with time.

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